Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good News

I am writing this post sitting outside watching my husband pull weeds because he just can't stand to be inside! I would be helping him, but my back is killing me. I had my check-up with Dr. Robbins today - she said I was doing great! No weight gain in the past 2 weeks (miracle from Jesus in heaven above) and this is quite a shock since Justin and I have developed an oh-so-yummy after dinner oreo habit! For the record, Sixlet likes it too - very active after those oreos! I have been just a little worried lately though, that there was a slight possibility that this baby might not be a girl (I really need to quit listening to other people sometimes). So I asked Dr. Robbins, "If I beg really nicely, can I have another sonogram?!" I told her I just needed some reassurance since we have already painted the walls pink! She smiled and said, "Of course!" 10 minutes later, I had my answer - she is in fact, a girl! I saw it with my own eyes. So we don't have to repaint. Yay! The sonogram tech gave me another picture of her little face - can't wait to see it in person. So anyway, that is the excitement in our world. I told Justin earlier today that I was ready to have this baby so I could be through with the discomfort. He said, "Only 9 months of toughness for a liftetime of joy." What a sweetie. A bug just flew into my hair and got stuck. I think I am through with this sitting outside business. Hugs and kisses.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Justin and I went home this weekend to celebrate Easter with our family. It was nice to spend some time with my parents and his mom. Isn't my husband handsome??!
Justin and I after church on Sunday - had to take pictures so that I could change and get out of those boots - love, love my boots but not meant for standing up in!

This week I am 33 weeks. I read somewhere that the second trimester is the golden or feel-good trimester, but I am thinking that my third trimester is my feel-good trimester. My headaches are few and far between, and aside from the fact that I can cry on command (love those hormones), I feel good. (I am leaving out the every 15 minute potty breaks and the sleepless nights and the discomfort:) ) So my ginormous belly is only going to continue to grow, but I have to rest easy knowing that I am taking care of a healthy baby, and I can work on my body later - 7 weeks to go! Our shower is in 2 weeks, and I am so excited!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

9 more weeks!

I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday and everything is looking good! I was not happy with my weight gain, but Dr. Robbins told me not to stress out about it and to try and lay off the sweets. Hello?! Does she know who I am? Also, Justin weighed his head. That totally made my day. Seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It was my idea and he was more than happy to do so! So, now that I have 9 weeks left, can the countdown begin?! Now that it is getting so close, it seems like it will never get here. Justin started painting the nursery on Sunday. It is going to be so cute! Justin said to me, "Baby, I just want you to know - NEVER in my 29 years did I ever think I was going to paint a room pink!" He loves us. Thank you, Cherie, for raising such a sweet guy! I love him. And, finally, I have 2 more things to add to my list of things I love:
13. Ginny's mom dance.
14. Brittny singing New Kids On the Block (I don't think she will do that for just anyone!).

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I Love...

1. Hugs from Justin.
2. Laughing with my sister, or at her, depending on the situation! She's really funny, you know.
3. Being called pet names by my husband and family. I usually only get called Hayley by Blair and Justin when I am in trouble:)
4. Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter.
5. Scout pup howling when she is excited and happy.
6. Falling asleep on the couch with Justin.
7. Hugs from my daddy.
8. Mom can still make anything better.
9. Feeling the baby move.
10. I get to spend the rest of my life with Justin Neil Six. There is something so reassuring about that!
11. Clean sheets. Strange, I know.
12. Shoes!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Blair and David!

Sunday was Blair's 24th birthday, and Monday was David's 27th. My family drove over on Saturday to hang out and celebrate! On Sunday, our family and David's family went to eat lunch and then went back to Blair and David's to have cake. Yum! Blair and I also got to go see Michael Buble that night - Christmas present from our parents, just happened to be on B's birthday! So much fun.

Blair's sister-in-law Michelle is also almost 18 weeks pregnant with their second baby!

Almost 30 Weeks!

Can you believe that we only have 10 weeks left? It's still very surreal. My belly is growing and I feel the baby move all the time, but I don't think it will hit me until we actually get to hold this beautiful baby in our arms! I saw Dr. Robbins last Thursday and she was really happy with my weight gain - 3 pounds in the last 4 weeks! I was excited, let me tell you.
At Blair's house in Fort Worth
Sixlet and Smithlet trying to hide behind a tree.

Blair is convinced that her belly is bigger, but I don't think so. I just think we are carrying differently. I love being pregnant at the same time as my sister - it is so cool going through this together.

Valentine's Flowers

Just wanted to show you the pretty roses Justin gave me for Valentine's Day...I got a a dozen red roses, and he got a single pink rose for our baby girl! I fell in love with him all over again.