Friday, October 3, 2008

5 pounds, really?!

Thought I was doing pretty good, you know? I mean, weight-wise, I am pretty hard on myself, but being that I had a baby almost 5 months ago, I feel like I look alright! Well, this morning at work, I made a comment to a couple of people that I work with that I could stand to lose a few inches. (They were talking about how yoga helped them) One guy said, "you don't have any to lose! In fact, you could probably gain 10 or 15 pounds." Then the guy whose desk is next to mine looked me up and down, and then said, "Honestly, I'd say you could lose about 5 pounds." No joke. He wasn't being mean, and I think it was kind of funny. But it's one thing to think these things about yourself. And another to have someone tell you to your face! For the record, I've lost all of my pregnancy weight!

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

I love you, Momma, but somehow all of the pictures of are the babies....:) Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Harper and sweet Michael

Look at the smile on Hayden's face!

Recent Pictures

I can never get her smiling this big - Justin took this one!

Loves of my life

Not bad for an amateur, huh?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Harper is a mover, I tell ya.  Definitely rolling in every direction. Sometimes she likes to do a 360, and that's funny to watch.  Will post new pictures this weekend when I have time.  So tired!