Saturday, October 31, 2009

walk for a cure

Hayden and his wonderful Mommy and Daddy, and Blue of course.

Last Saturday was the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Walk for a Cure. It was such a beautiful day, perfect for walking 3.2 miles! :)  My family and I participated wholeheartedly in an effort to raise money to hopefully one day find a cure for our little Hayden!  Thank you so much my wonderful friends and family who donated to us.  We appreciate every penny that we got!  It just gets us that much closer to a cure.

The Six Family - is anyone surprised Miss Harps has a water bottle in her mouth?!

Our team - little but proud!
Aunt Brittny, Gabe, Uncle Justin, Aunt Hayley, Harper, Hayden's Mommy Blair, Hayden, Uncle Paul, Aunt Michelle, Micah, Makenna, Hayden's Daddy David, David's good friend Gabe, Papa and GiGi.

Until next year...

Friday, October 30, 2009


I know it has been forever since I posted anything.  I finally got a new memory card for my camera, and those things are not cheap, I tell ya.  (Yes, all the pictures go to the computer but I am paranoid about the computer dying, so on the memory card they stay...)

This child LOVES water bottles.

She loves to get my cup in the bathroom, and then stand by the bathtub, turn on the (cold) water, fill up the cup, and drink away.  This is a daily thing, and she always ends up soaking wet.  And very proud of herself, I might add.

Pulled out her changing mat out of a diaper bag and proceeded to lay down on it with a diaper in hand!

Ah, these two.  They are constantly fighting over toys, but this time, they both won.  I think.  I don't know, Hayden is the one riding the pink princess car... :)

Harper is almost 18 months old!  I cannot believe it.  I love, love, love this age. Some days I am ready for another one, but most days I am not. :)  This one keeps me so busy and I just love it.  Besides, I think she needs to be the Queen Bee of our little family for a while!  (honestly don't think I could talk Justin into it anyway, ha ha)  I've got more pictures to post, of our JDRF walk and a pumpkin patch that we went to on the other side of the metroplex, I swear.  We live in Weatherford, people.  Everywhere is far away.  And tomorrow is Halloween!  I will definitely be taking tons of pictures - Harper and Hayden are going to be so stinking cute.  Stay tuned my loyal followers  follower.