Saturday, November 21, 2009

so glamorous

Harps loves to play in my jewelry.  I caught her one morning like this...

She thinks the bracelets need to be all the way up her arm.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

eighteen months

Our girl turned 18 months old on Sunday!  She had her 18 month check up with the doctor on Monday, and here are her stats:
Height: 32 1/2 in (50-75th percentile)
Weight: 22.5 lbs (10-25th percentile)
Head: 18 in (25th percentile)

Here are some pictures of our 18-month-old last night...

She loves sitting up against something and playing...

Cereal with Daddy.  Harper loves cereal, and loves whenever her daddy has some because he always shares with her.  I don't think he has a choice :)


In honor of my precious daughter being 18 months old, here are 18 things that I love about you, my darling girl.  I love...
1.  Finding toys in drawers, sippy cups in cabinets, my bracelets in the closet, etc.
2.  Your hugs (love-love) and kisses (followed by a muah!).
3.  Your dancing whenever you hear any kind of music - a toy, a commercial, a cell phone, anything.  You love to dance in the car when I have the radio on and it is so cute.  You also love to be held and danced with.  I LOVE this!
4.  How when you are about to get something that you really want like a sip of diet coke or a piece of chocolate, you pop that binky right out of your mouth and start giggling in a high-pitched voice.
5.  How you love to wear our shoes.  You come out of our closet (leaving something behind that you had previously been playing with) with a pair of shoes and want us to help you put them on.  Daddy's boots and flip flops are the funniest.
6.  How shoes and socks ALWAYS come off in the car, no matter how long or short the trip.
7.  That you call out "Bye!" as I walk out the door after putting you to bed.  It just makes me want to run back in there and scoop you up and love all over you again!
8.  That you are so loving, and let us love all over you.
9.  How you love to hold my hand in the car.  The majority of the time, I am driving with one hand in the back seat holding your hand.  I will treasure that sweetness forever.
10. How you say "Mmmm!" whenever you take a bite of something good.  And it's not just the first bite - it is every bite.
11. Your giggles when I kiss all over your face, ears, and neck.  Then in the middle of all this you put your hands around my head and pull my face to yours and just sit.  Oh, my heart.
12. How you push the button on the DVD player that makes the tray come out, and you put a remote on it, then push the button to make it go back in, and you don't understand why the remote won't go in, too.
13. How whenever I am on my hands and knees doing something (usually cleaning your mess :) ), you come up behind me and hug me.
14. How you love to be chased.  You'll start to run off, but you look back over your shoulder, letting me know to come chase you.  This entertains you far longer than my lungs can stand, but I love it so much!
15. What Daddy loves about you: you make him happy.
16. I love that I will never forget the moment I saw your beautiful face for the first time.  It will forever be one of my most treasured memories.  You changed me in that instant.
17. How you have opened up my eyes to how much my Momma and Daddy love me, and why they would go to the ends of the Earth for me.  Your Daddy and I will do the same for you...
18. And how you have opened up my eyes to how much our heavenly Father loves us.  You are such a blessing to this family, and we are thankful everyday for you and grateful for this opportunity to be your parents.  My heart is so full. We love you so much, Harper Rebecca!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

halloween 2009

I am pretty sure that B and I had the two cutest trick-or-treaters ever!!  Justin and I took Harper over to Blair and David's and we went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.  The babies had the best time!  And yes, they both got to eat a little something from their buckets. :)  (Harper loves chocolate - she is my child, and Jim Creel's granddaughter.  She never had a chance.)  Harper loved going to each house and walking up the sidewalk - she would start squealing each time.  They didn't quite understand about taking some candy.  They both tried to take it out of their bucket and put it back.  This year was so much fun because we got to take them out.  Halloween is just going to get more fun the older they get, and I look forward to it so much!

Hayden standing at the window, watching big kids.  So cute.

They didn't get to eat the candy, we just put it in their hands in an attempt to take their picture together.  Still.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pumpkin patch

Two weeks ago, we went and met David, Blair, Hayden, and my parents at a pumpkin patch in Colleyville.  For us country folk livin' in Weatherford, that was quite a drive.

One attempt of taking a picture of Harper.  This girl sit still?  Are you crazy?  Have you met her daddy?

My sissy.  LOVE her.

Papa showing Harps some punkins.  Love this picture of them.

The babies kissing each other.  They love each other, it is so precious.  But along with the kissing, they also bite (Harper), push (Hayden), and throw objects at the other with excessive force I might add (again, Hayden).  When Harper has had enough, she usually unleashes an assault on Hayden (my terms).  Blair likes to call this "Harper opening her bag of assaults."  Might have peed a little when I heard her say that.

These two love their GiGi

Daddy and his girl, so sweet.

One of the first pictures of the three of us together in maybe a year.  Seriously.  Someone take some pictures of this family! :)

A side note - I went to an allergist for the first time in my life a few weeks ago.  As it turns out, I am allergic to 90% of Earth, just as I suspected.  The doctor took one look at my back and said, "Whoa."  Then he proceeded to tell me that I am a poster child for allergy shots.  And then he put me on the strongest allergy medication on the market, and I am now getting shots.  My point is, is that I was at the aforementioned pumpkin patch.  Outside.  Hay.  Usually a party for my little immunoglobulins (IgE's to be exact - I paid attention in Advanced Anatomy, people).  However, due to my new wonder drugs, I did not sneeze once.  Hallelujah.

Oh and and - the week before the allergy testing (not pleasant), I got sulfuric acid on my face at work (also not pleasant).  15 minutes in that stupid eyewash is also on my list of unpleasant experiences.  As is my boss having to drive me to the doctor afterwards.  *sigh*