Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our front porch part 2

We painted our front door red a couple of weeks ago. I quite like it!

Birthday Pictures... Finally

So... this has taken me a while, but in my defense, I didn't take the pictures at Harper and Hayden's birthday party. I finally got the CD from my sweet uncle who did take the wonderful pictures. (Thank you, Uncle Paul!)

Harper turned ONE on May 8th. I cannot believe our baby is one! Justin and I both took the day off to be with her. We took her to lunch at the Purple Cow with Blair and Hayden, where she got to eat purple vanilla ice cream for her birthday. Then we went and bought her a swing set! (not over-indulgent at all are we...)

The following weekend, we had Harper and Hayden's party at our house. The babies had so much fun and had so many people there to celebrate their first birthdays!


Oh, my heart. Words can't express how much we love you, baby girl.

Hayden's sweet cousin Makenna reading Harper's birthday card to her

Harper got a princess car from GiGi and Papa. She LOVES that thing! All the babies (yes, boys included) went crazy when we got it out.

Sweet Hayden turned one on May 12th. He quickly figured out his cake and went to town. He devoured that thing. He had blue icing up his nose and in his ears!

I love this age so much. I've told Justin that the next baby we have, I am putting in an order for a one-year-old. :) What Harper is up to: she isn't saying any words yet, but we know they're coming! She gives hugs and (open mouth) kisses. She will be playing and then she will just lay flat on the floor for no reason at all and just grin. She loves to be outside, regardless of the temperature (she's already tan - does that make me a bad mommy?!). She runs from us when she doesn't want to do something (take a bath, give up something that she isn't supposed to have). She eats anything and everything and is starting to experiment feeding herself with her spoon. She does NOT like it when I wrestle with Justin or Blair - she is very protective of Mommy! I think it scares her. She loves to shut doors. She especially loves to shut herself in a room and then cry really hard until you go and open the door for her, then she slams the door in your face. (What I have to look forward to...) We are having so much fun with her!

I will try to not be such a bad blogger anymore (sorry, Doris). I will try to post some more pictures soon...