Sunday, December 20, 2009

more pics

The dancing queen at GiGi and Papa's - with her jewels and snow boots.  Can you say precious??

Pictures of my Nana and Gran on my mom's vanity - just liked the pic.

GiGi and Papa walking with the babies.

workin' on my editing skills...

A recent photo of my girl... I did some editing.  I owe my newfound determination to Amber.  Check out her site.. here.  She recently took some pics of the Six 3 - can't wait to see them all.  She just got her camera this summer and she is already doing such a great job with her photography, that she has inspired me to work on my skills, so that one day, I can say, "I am a photographer."  Thanks Amber dahling.

today's blairism

In a text from B today: "Sign said Dandy Western Wear.  I saw Daddy Western Wear, and I thought huh, what's the difference between that and regular western wear?"