Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're rollin'!

Harper is officially rolling over! Not from her back to her tummy, but from her tummy to her back! So she is still quite content on her back, thank you.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 Months Old! Who is 30??

Harper turned 4 months old while we were at the beach! I just can't believe it- the time has really flown. She had her 4 month check-up yesterday at the doctor. She was 14 pounds, 7 ounces (75th percentile) and 25 3/4 inches long (95th percentile). She got her shots and did really well! So did Mommy - she didn't even cry. :) She also found out that she can make a new noise - we say it sounds like a velociraptor (sp?). It is so stinkin' funny! She loves to suck on her fingers (her index fingers to be exact), she loves to play with her feet, and she is so smiley, especially when she is waking up. She hides her face in my shoulder whenever she is smiling at her daddy. So sweet! She really is just a happy baby and Justin and I are so blessed. I am blessed to have both of them. I was watching him hold her last night and he would close his eyes and hug her. I love him.
Look what I caught!

She scooted herself to the end of her activity mat and started sucking on one of the bars. Mom, Blair, and I thought it was hilarious! She scoots herself everywhere - on her back of course. We left her for a few minutes the other day and came back to find her bottom half underneath the couch!

This occupied the cousins for all of 1 minute. Hayden is officially heavier AND longer than Harper!

And finally, some sad news. I had to tell my 20's goodbye yesterday. Please pray for me as I try to get through this difficult time. :) As my dad says, "It beats the alternative!" I feel extremely blessed to be where I am and wouldn't have it any other way, even if I can't be 20-something anymore. I don't feel 30...

Justin got me my digital SLR. I am so stinkin' excited, I can't sit still! Look out National Geographic, here I come...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

South Padre, Baby

Loaded up and ready to go! And look, Harper is smiling. In her car seat. Who would've thought?!

A girl behind us offered to take this picture for us after watching us trying to do it ourselves and then laughing at what we took. Harper got upset right after, can't you tell?! But then she went to sleep. They both did really well on the plane, and I am sure it wasn't just the mommies who were thankful.

First morning in Padre

First time to put her feet in the ocean! I think I was more excited about it than she was.

Cool dude. Hayden's shades cracked everyone up.

The first time the 3 of us have been in a picture together since Harper was a week old!

What a beauty.

Sacked out on the beach! The perfect place to take a nap. I think the heat took it out of her because she slept so much during the day, and then kept mommy and daddy awake until close to midnight every night. It has been hard trying to get back on a schedule this week!

Besides our vacation, nothing much to blog about. Hayden is rolling over, and Harper is taking her time. She is quite content on her back, thank you.

Harper will have a new cousin next May! Aunt Britt is pregnant with their third (wow) and we are so happy and excited for them! Think pink - Harper needs a girl cousin!

Sara Lou, Happy 30th birthday! I love and miss you.

Friday, September 5, 2008


We're going to the beach today!!

Happy 61st Anniversary to Nana and Gran yesterday. Love you dearly.

I am amazed by how much hair is coming out of my head... I'm gonna run out!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blair and Hayden came to visit!

Thursday morning, this is how my mom found Harper in her cradle! (Umm, yes, she still sleeps in a cradle. In our room. Leave me alone.)

Hayden and Blair came over to hang out with us today! Harper and Hayden hanging out in her crib (see, I put her in there sometimes :) )

"Harper, check out my new kicks Gigi bought me!"