Sunday, June 13, 2010


Seeing as how I have NOT documented any of my two-year-old's words, there is no time better than now. She honestly went from saying maybe 20 words to carrying on conversations.  Her true talking started at about 21 months.  I know you can't compare your child to everyone else's, but I was so worried!  Obviously, over nothing.  She Does. Not. Stop.  :)  In addition, Doris has 6 dogs.  You can point to each of them, and she knows them by name, and by each of the 6 nicknames Doris has for them!  So smart, that girl.

Harper's word: real word

lebidade: lemonade
gaga: balloon (this progressed from beyo - Hayden called them gaga's, so that became Harper's word.  She knows when we say balloon what we are talking about, but she still uses gaga.)
tosciple: Popsicle (most recent.)
tith: kiss (she wants kisses on every owie, and will even do it herself)
B: as in Aunt Blair
Bity: as in Aunt Brittny
beata: button
night-night: bed
Lowy: Lilly
Please don't be offended by the next one - she does not hear this word from us or anyone else for that matter, but it is one of the funniest words so far - and she is NOT cussing!
Fucca: as in Doris's dog, Fresca.  Gets me EVERY time.  Especially when we are sitting at home, and she will out of the blue say, "good girl, Fucca."
holdya: hold me
waff: wasp.  She walks around saying, "Mean waff."  She has had experience with those little jerks.
mightna: Lightning McQueen
Iloyu: I love you

I know there are several more, but those are by far my favorite Harperisms!  Something else funny, if I ask her where Hayley or Justin is, she knows our names!  Love.

fort worth botanic gardens

Back in April (yes, I know I am behind), my friend Kara invited Harper and I to go to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.  Kara has a little girl named Natalie who is almost 3.  It was so hot, but we had a lot of fun!  That is, until Harper started picking blooms off of the rose bushes.... 

Coming soon: Harper turns 2 pics!  Playing outside pics!  And Lilly's first birthday!...